What is CliQ Mag International?


  • CliQ Mag International is an online digital, and hard copy print Photography magazine specializing in Glamour, Fashion, Composites & Art.
  • CliQ Mag International  is an open submission, non-exclusive magazine, which allows models & photographers to feature almost any high quality photo set.
  • With have an emphasis on Photo Quality, photos must be of high enough quality for approval. It is easy to submit via a CliQ Mag International  Dropbox anytime.
  • CliQ Mag International  publishes a monthly International edition featuring our CliQ-PiQ Model of the Month.
  • Join Us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/cliqmagintl


Who can submit?


  • Models – Glamour, Fashion Photoshoots
  • Actresses –  Glamour Photoshoots & Movie Media
  • Photographers – Glamour, Fashion, Landscape, and Composite Photographs
  • Model Agencies –  Model Photoshoots & Actress Photoshoots
  • Publicists – Model Photo Shoots & Actress Photo Shoots


What type of photos do we accept?


  • Glamour
  • Fashion
  • Lingerie
  • Swimwear
  • Automotive (Hot Models & Fast Cars)
  • Composite
  • Landscape / Travel


Photo Quality - Photographers take note !


  • Ask yourself would Glamour, Vogue, or Cosmo approve this photo… It must be magazine-level quality
  • We accept Glamour Photos, Fashion Photos, Landscape Photos and Composite Photos.
  • We do not approve blurry photos, especially if it’s the face.
  • We do not approve photos that are too dark or blown out.
  • Do Not Vignette your photos, we reject these.
  • Do Not Brand your photos, we reject these.
  • Please use the rule of thirds for composition. Compositions with lack of skill are not accepted.
  • We do not allow nudity or implied nudity.
  • We get several dozen submissions per issue and usually use 10--12 of those, so quality is paramount.
  • It is far better to submit 50 photos than 10, it gives us more selection to choose from.
  • Your photos must be retouched, the other option is our retouch service which we charge for.
  • Bad Retouch, blurring the skin too much, bad technique, can also disapprove a set of photos.






  • You must own the rights to publish the photos you are submitting, usually this means a model release or photographers approval.




  • For a featured set – We require at least 10 photos. Ideally is up to 30+ via CliQ Mag Dropbox. So we can choose.
  • Photos must be a minimum of 12 megapixel and taken from a DSLR Camera – Ideal is 20+ megapixel pro quality.
  • Photos must be full size, unbranded originals. A professional retouch is also preferred. We can retouch when necessary.
  • Submitted as .jpg files with the sRGB Colorspace please.

Note: A photo from a phone, will be ignored, as it is not considered a proper submission. (Yeah, we're snobs!)




  • Submissions to CliQ Mag International  are made using a CliQ Mag International Dropbox.
  • Request a CliQ Mag International  Dropbox by emailing: dave@cliqmag.com and requesting one.
  • Please state whether you are a model or photographer & your official name (as it should appear in the magazine, or the same as your FB Fan Page).
  • Include at least one photo you plan to submit that shows your photo quality. We will approve/disapprove a Dropbox based on this.


 How to use your CliQ Mag International  Dropbox:


  • If you are a Photographer – Create a folder for each model submission with the models name (Correctly spelled).
  • If you are a Model – Create a folder for each submission with the photographers name (Correctly spelled).
  • UPLOAD the Photos… Full Size, Unbranded and Retouched. Minimum 10 photos to your folder.
  • Add a text file to the folder called “Credits.txt” If you would like to add any additional info (Designers, MUAHs, location, assistants).
  • We will see your submissions and queue it for the next available Issue.


Can I have a Cover?


  • Almost every model and photographer that submits asks for a cover, we are well aware that you want one.
  • Each month from the dozens of sets submitted we chose the highest quality photo set, and sexiest model for our cover.
  • Many of our cover photographers are Pro Photographers, even Master Class Trainers, however we always make allowances for amazing photos!


 Common Submission Questions:


  • Am I allowed to post these photos on Facebook or social media as well? – Yes you can, CliQ Mag International  is a non-exclusive magazine. However, we would prefer you wait until AFTER the magazine issue you are submitting for is released.
  • If I have an amazing set of photos from 4 years ago, can I submit them? Yes, there is no age restriction on photos.
  • I submitted my photos but they didn’t get used, how come? This is because we get hundreds of submissions and can only choose 10-12 sets, based on quality.
  • Can I share my CliQ Mag International  Published Photos on Social Media, Yes, we will even provide you with digital Tear Sheets upon request.
  • Is there a limit to how much I can submit? No, you could literally submit 100 sets, which we would use over time if the quality is good.
  • So do you want only 10 photos or is it better to submit you 40-50? The more photos you send us, the more variety we can pick from, better to send more.
  • I am not good at Photoshop retouch, can I send you untouched photos? Typically No, ask us about our retouch service, as untouched photos are never used.
  • We do provide a retouch service, if you need us to retouch your photos to magazine quality. There is a small fee involved. You will have to ask us.




We now receive dozens of submissions each week.  There are a few key factors when we approve photo sets for inclusion.

  • Size & Quality – Most important – Magazine Quality photos at a printable resolution. larger than 3000 x 5000 pixels is normal.
  • Lighting – This is photography and art magazine, so if the photos are too dark or dull they wont be accepted.
  • The Model(s) – If the model in the shoot is already well known or very gorgeous,  this is also taken into account.

Note:  Famous Models,  Actresses & Photographers have priority when making submissions for the cover. (it is commonly asked)




  • By submitting photographs to CliQ Mag International  you are granting full publication rights of these photos for Online and Printed Distribution.
  • The Photos are non-exclusive to CliQ Mag International  so can still be used by the models and photographers in other places.
  • We retain the full rights to publish, edit, retouch and reproduce photos for CliQ Mag International  and its publications.
  • It is normal for CliQ Mag International  to retouch, color correct and even reshape photos for publication purposes. Especially covers & key promotional items.
  • Once photos have been submitted to CliQ Mag International , approved and deployed in the magazine, If requested to remove images from a deployed magazine, we reserve the right to decline this request. On the basis of full publication rights as listed above.
  • We are under no obligation to publish specific photos or photo sets, this is purely at the Editor’s discretion.




CliQ Mag International is a Dave Stabley publication intended to promote, inform and educate. It is our mission to present the finest photography, art and instruction from local artists and from others around the world.  Content inclusion is at the sole discretion of Dave Stabley, Editor/Publisher.

Dave Stabley



©2015-2021 Dave Stabley - CliQ Mag International. All rights reserved.


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